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Adjustable / Foldable (also called Flip-Up) brake lever specific to many BUELL, BMW, KAWASAKI models.

Detailed list of compatibilities per motorcycle and year available below.

If you want a color combination we don’t suggest (between main part of the lever, 6 positions dial and adjustable part), specify your choice within the 8 available colors in the comments before you finalize the order.

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  • Silver
  • Titanium
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Black + Black Adjusters
  • Black + Red Adjusters
  • Black + Blue Adjusters
  • Black + Gold Adjusters

37,00 €

Adjustable / Foldable Brake Lever KAWASAKI BUELL BMW

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CNC Billet aluminum Adjustable and Foldable brake lever. 

A unique design on the market, offering a better grip compared to the OEM lever (and therefore a better feeling) with an undeniable aesthetic finish, combined together atthe best quality / price ratio.

This lever is made of CNC 6061 machined aluminum to offer more strength compared to the OEM lever made of metal alloy.

About color, the lever’s surface is tested before shipment to enable us to get a better control over the anodizing quality, that’s why we offer a 6-months warranty on anodizing.

On the other hand, the lever offers a smoothly adjustable gap (handle-lever) thanks to the 6-positions adjusting dials. Perfect for all hands' sizes!

This Adjustable and Folding (or Flip Up) lever is the perfect compromise for those who do not want to choose between our short and long levers. Indeed, thanks to its adjustable part, you can increase this lever’s length by up to 5cm and set it at the perfect size to match your riding habits (allowing you to handle it with 2,3, 4, and even 5 fingers ! ).

The foldable option also provides a great advantage. If your motorcycle should unfortunately fall at a low speed or when stopping, this lever will fold upwards (at a 90° angle), reducing the potential damages to your lever (and to your wallet), and enabling you to continue riding, not letting your motorcycle on the side of the road and going back home by foot...  Of course, we don’t wish you to fall ! Stay on your 2 wheels, it will be better for both of you, bike and rider !

Finally, the Adjustable and Foldable lever also provides you with more customization possibilities. Indeed you can select a different color for the main part of the lever, the 6-positions dial and also for the extendable (adjustable) part, which allows you to have up to 3 different colors on the same lever (depending on your tastes).

But some may find this lever too elaborate, too expensive or simply not adapted to their needs or riding habits. If so, we also have 2 other kinds of levers to answer all needs: the short model for 2 fingers, or the long one for 4 fingers (closer to an OEM lever).

To conclude, this flip up lever is ideal for daily or occasional use, as well as for long journeys. Its adjustable length and foldable feature will make it a great ally, whether on the road or race track. And the higher color combination comes as an additive bonus, up to you !

This lever is sold by unit (1 LEVER), so remember to order the clutch lever if you need a pair ! 

This brake lever perfectly fits on the following motorcycle models (under the condition that you didn’t modify the OEM brake system, of course) :



 C400  ALL
 C600 / SPORT / GT  ALL
 C650 / SPORT / GT  ALL



 Ulysses XB-12X 1200  2002-2008
 Ulysses XB12X 1200  2009 +
 Ulysses XB-12XT  2002-2008
 Ulysses XB12XT  2009 +
 XB9 all models  2003-2009
 XB12  2004-2008
 XB-12R  2002-2008
 XB-12Scg / XB 12 SCG  2002-2008
 XB-12Ss / XB12 SS  2002-2008



 Z650 / Z 650  2017-2019
 Z-650  2020
 Z750 / Z 750 / Z-750  2007-2013
 Z800 / Z-800   2013-2016
 Z800E / Z800-E / Z-800E  2013-2016
 Z900 / Z 900  2017-2019
 Z-900  2020
 Ninja 650  2017-2019
 Ninja-650  2020
 Versys 650  2015-2020
 Versys 1000  2015-2018
 Versys-1000  2019-2020
 Vulcan 650 S / VN650S  2015-2020


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