Mirrors Block-off plates with Integrated LED turn signals - Many SUZUKI GSXR 600 750 1000


29,00 €

Rearview mirrors Block-off plates with Integrated LED turn signals, specific to the following SUZUKI models :


GSXR 600 2006 - 2017

GSX-R 750 2006 - 2017

GSXR-1000 2005 - 2018


Sold by pair (Left AND Right)

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29,00 €

Mirrors Block-off plates with Integrated LED turn signals - Many SUZUKI GSXR 600 750 1000

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You have installed or you wish to mount bar-end rear-view mirrors, but you do not know where to place your turn signals anymore, since they were previously integrated to your mirrors ? Or maybe after installing a new handlebar, you experience the same concern ?

AVDB MOTO offers you this simple and discreet solution, allowing you to keep flashers on your fairing while allowing you to remove your OEM rear view mirrors, for example to switch with bar end models.

So here is this pair of bi function caps, which is to say :

- These plates serve as mirror shutters, in order to cleanly cover the holes left by the original mirrors on your front fairing.

- And on the other hand they also offer you the indicators function, thanks to the LED stripe integrated in each block-off plate.


These block off plates with built-in turn signals are perfectly suitable for the mentioned models, without modification needed for their assembly.

They can also be adapted on many other models, SUZUKI and other brands, as long as you have (or prepare) a 41.5 mm size distance between the two opposite mounting holes on your front fairing, and as long as the fastening can be done with a lock nut (from below, not screwed in from above).

Finally, for those who want to use them as flush mount turn signals on the fairing's sides, no problem ! However, a minimum of skills are obviously required for this adaptation and you will probably need to drill the flanks of your fairings given the fastening system of this particular type of flashers

For mounting :

The distance between the two threaded fastening rods is identical with the space between the two fastening holes of the OEM turn signals on the front fairing of the mentioned motorcycles models. No modifications needed to successfully install these integrated turn indicators plates. Fastening and tightening is to be made with lock nuts (provided) on the threaded rods.

To connect the turn signals, just connect two wires per side (+ yellow and - black) to the + and - wires of your original electrical harness (lugs not provided).

You can choose to connect the turn signals function or not, as you wish. You can also choose to connect them alone or to double them with other existing indicators (for example if you have already turn signals placed near your position light etc ..)

These integrated indicators' LEDs are guaranteed 6 months

Simply said, a discreet and effective solution that goes perfectly with the sporty look of your motorcycle, to equip it to your taste, and at biker price !

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