LED Tail Light + Front and Rear Turn Signals YAMAHA TMAX 500 2008 - 2011

199,00 €

Specific kit for the following YAMAHA scooters :


T-MAX 500 (all versions) 2008 - 2011

LED tail light and turn signals kit, including :

  • Tail light with integrated turn signals
  • Pair of FRONT turn signals

Available in Clear or Smoke color lenses, both tail light and turn indicators are LED models. Sold per unit or as a complete kit.

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  • Transparent
  • Dark Smoke
  • Pair of FRONT turn signals
  • Tail light with integrated turn signals

199,00 €

PACK Tail Light with Integrated Turn Signals + Front Blinkers YAMAHA TMAX 500 2008 - 2011

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With this specific pack, AVDB Moto proposes you customization, finish and functionality that were not even existing on the OEM kit! A pack that will give a very nice look to your T-MAX, turning it into a unique model!

With this complete kit, we allow you to replace your original turn signals and rear light for LEDs. So no more halogens, you can now choose a technology that allows a much longer life than the original bulbs: LEDs. In addition to their longevity, they provide a much more powerful, brighter, and clearer lighting quality than halogen, while reducing power consumption.

Mounting is quite simple :

  • For the tail light, exactly the same as your OEM or current one, no modification needed when installing. You just need to mount and connect it in place of your old tail light (plug and play)
  • For the front turn signals (left and right), the connection is also plug-and-play. 

Of course although all the connections are simple plug and play systems, you will need to dismantle your T MAX’s fairings to access and replace your current or old tail light and turn signals, and this may take some time and skills. You don’t need to be a professional to adapt this pack to your TMAX but count on half a day of work and on a friend’s help to smoothen the installation process.

Very good quality manufacturing and finishing for this gorgeous pack !


This pack is sold complete or by parts. You can therefore choose to purchase only the front pair of turn signals, or the rear block with integrated brake light and rear turn signals. This pack is available in transparent or tinted colours.


Once this pack mounted, you will never regret nor get back to your old tail light and turn signals for sure! And you will not need to replace them for new models as these ones are as new on the market as they are unique and sexy. They will make a lot of bikers, especially in the TMAX community, jealous and envious of your equipment, it’s going to be an “all eyez on me” situation for sure! 

Get yourself the top level of accessories and customization with this unique and gorgeous pack, offer a whole new look and identity to your TMAX and feel a never-ending pride and pleasure everytime you ride it and/or see its reflection. A great pack indeed, under a 6-months warranty, altogether at “bikers’ price”!



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