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Universal protection in teflon. Simple and quick to install.


  • Diameter foldable : 22mm / 25mm / 28mm
  • Complete measurements on photo n° 2.


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9,00 €

Crashbar teflon protection

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The passion for 2-wheelers is expensive to maintain and we bikers know it all too well. A fall, even when at the stop, or a slip on an oil-soaked asphalt is a nightmare for bikers, which can also make the wealth of dealers or body shops. 

But rightly, and to avoid this type of disappointment, you have decided to invest in a bar crash protection that, in our opinion, will not make your bike more beautiful but will allow you to sleep well at night. After all, when you love something you do everything to protect it as best as you can. But with time and the unexpected situations the road can offer, this protection could also be damaged.

AVDB has a simple and effective solution to solve or anticipate these problems. It is indeed a protection… for a protection, an "Inception" system that will allow maniacs to protect their protections in order to avoid having to change them after a bad fall for example. This discreet Teflon accessory will allow you to maintain the shine and condition of your machine and its tubular bar protections, so that in the event of a fall or collision (although we do not wish this to happen to you), this teflon protection pad takes the majority of the impact instead of your crash tubes. An accessory as useful for the less fortunate who have already taken a blow or partially damaged their protection, as for those who want to avoid this kind of problem.

A quality accessory, for bikers looking for safety and convenience, altogether at an AVDB price!

To conclude, if you are a biker who likes to protect his beauty, don't be caught off guard. Protect your protection and your wallet at the same time.



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