Aftermarket regulator rectifier YAMAHA / HONDA / KAWASAKI / SUZUKI


79,00 €

Aftermarket regulator rectifier, specific for YAMAHA / HONDA / KAWASAKI / SUZUKI (complete compatibility list available below).


Brand new product, sold as displayed on pictures, ready to plug in (plug-and-play system). Hardware not included.


IMPORTANT : In order to avoid any mistake upon order, make sure to compare the pictures and/or measures on the description below with your original regulator.

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79,00 €

Aftermarket regulator rectifier YAMAHA / HONDA / KAWASAKI / SUZUKI

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Your beauty refused your advances because of a lack of energy, and refused to purr despite all your attempts and all your little attentions? No matter how many times you tickled her neiman with your key, pushed her, nothing helped and she still lacks juice? In a few words, whatever you try she stays there, prostrated in her corner and leaving you frustrated.

In short, here you are with your two-wheelers immobilized, or sparkling with a thousand lights indicating a battery problem and preventing it from starting. It may very well be its stator rectifier that has given up and no longer allows your battery to recharge properly ... A part that easily manages to be forgotten, because often being not very visible, but yet so important to give all the energy your machine needs to launch itself on the roads with the same enthusiasm that seduced you. As a reminder, this small box alone allows you to transform alternating current into direct current on your machine, while lowering the voltage in your electrical harness. So without it, your battery won't last very long...

To be safe, also remember to check the condition of your battery (make sure it is well charged to avoid distorting the values) and your alternator first. If the latter no longer works, changing the regulator will unfortunately not solve anything... If you have any doubts or if you lack equipment or knowledge, don't hesitate to ask a professional to make the diagnosis for you (just to make sure the results are relevant).

After these various checks, the verdict is in: the regulator rectifier has let you down. There's only one thing left to do: change it. Fortunately, AVDB has developed its catalogue to include a range of stator rectifiers, based on the original ones for an adaptation without modification, and with a plug and play connection (directly on the alternator). A turnkey solution to bring your beauty back to life in a few minutes: let there be light and there was light ! 



  • Measures (L x H) : 9 x 8 cm
  • Distance between the opposite fastenings : 6,8 cm
  • Wires' length (connectors included) : no wires
  • Type : ventilated



AVDB is confident in the durability and quality of its range of regulators, which is why we decided to be one of the few companies to offer a warranty on these adaptable rectifiers.

Of course, as a regulator failure is likely to occur due to malfunctions related to other parts of the motorcycle, such as the alternator or the battery (in the majority of cases), we will ask in the event of a warranty claim, in order to ensure that the problem is due to our regulator and not to your motorcycle, proof of assembly by a professional who has previously tested and approved the motorcycle's electrical system. 

If these elements are provided, then you have a 1 year warranty on the regulator, effective from the date of purchase.

In a few words, a biker-priced alternative, in stock in France to be delivered to you as quickly as possible and thus put a smile back on your face, to you and your two-wheeler !



Model OEM
MT07 2015 - 2017 FZ07
MT09 TRACER 900 / FJ09 2015 - 2016 FJ09GB 1D7-81960-01-00
MT09 2014 - 2016 FZ09 1D7-81960-01-00
XSR 900 2016
FZ8 2011 - 2013 FZ8NA/FZ8N 1D7-81960-00-00
FZ1 / FZ1S 2006 - 2007 FZ1V/VC/W/WC 1D7-81960-00-00
FZ-1 2008 - 2013 FZ1 1D7-81960-00-00
YZF-R1 2002 - 2003 P/PC/R/RC/R-F/RC-F 5JW-81960-00-00
YZF R1 2009 - 2014 YZFR1Y 1D7-81960-00-00
XT1200Z Super Tenere 2012 - 2016
Bolt 950 2014 - 2017 XVS95C 1D7-81960-01-00
V-Star 950 B / Tourer 2009 - 2017 XVS95C 27D-81960-00-00
VMAX 1700 2009 - 2016 VMX17ZR 1D7-81960-00-00
FJR 1300 2003 - 2005 R/RC/AS/ASC/S/SC/AT/ATC/T/TC 5JW-81960-00-00
FJR1300 2006 - 2016 AEV/AEVC/AV/AVC/AW/AWC/AEW/AEWC 1D7-81960-00-00
XVS1300 V-Star 1300 / Tourer 2007 - 2016 AW/AWC/CTW/CTWC 1D7-81960-00-00
XVS1300 Stryker 2011 - 2016 XVS13C 27D-81960-00-00
XV1700 Road Star Warrior 2002 - 2006 XV17 5JW-81960-00-00
XV1700 Road Star Silverado / S 2008 - 2013 XV17ATX/ATY/ATZ/ATS 1D7-81960-00-00
XV1900 Roadliner / S / Midnight 2006 - 2013 XV19 S, M, V, W 1D7-81960-00-00
XV1900 Stratoliner / S / Midnight 2006 - 2013 XV19 C 1D7-81960-00-00
CB 500F 2013 - 2017 31600-MGZ-J01
CB 1100 2013 - 2017 31600-MGZ-J01
CBR 600 RR 2013 - 2017 31600-MGZ-J01
CBR 600RA 2013 - 2017 31600-MGZ-J01
CTX 700 2014 - 2017
Africa Twin 1000 2016 - 2017 CRF1000
ZX6R Ninja 2013 - 2015 ZX636EDF 21066-0730
ZX10R Ninja 2004 - 2007 ZX1000C1-C2 ZX1000D6F-D7F 21066-0008
ZZR 1400 / ZX-14R / PERFORMANCE 2006 - 2017 ZX1400A6F-A7F 21066-0714
GTR 1400 / ZG1400 / Concours 14 2008 - 2011 ZG1400A8F-A9F/B8F-B9F ZG1400CAF/CBF/DAF 21066-0022
Versys 1000 2015 - 2017 KLZ1000BFF 21066-0737
Burgman 650 2013 - 2017 AN650


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