Pair of classic universal round rearview mirrors for naked bikes


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Pair of round, classic rear view mirrors. Universal model for all roadster or naked bikes with a 10 mm diameter threaded fastening spot on the handlebar.

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24,00 €

Pair of classic universal round rearview mirrors for naked bikes

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Whether you have a cafe racer, a scrambler, a roadster or a classic motorcycle (not to mention an 'oldie but goldie' model), and if you are at the same time an unconditional user of the 'rear-view mirror', you may have had one of the following troubles, or rather one of the following mirrors:

  • Mirrors from the 70's whose rust won the battle against chrome
  • Mirrors of the 70s whose plastic has lost its beauty, such as an actress whose beauty has not remained frozen in time
  • Mirrors whose design comes from the future, and who could not find their place on your authentic cafe racer
  • Minimal mirrors, whose main function is to remind you of the color of your jacket rather than showing what is behind you
  • Effective, beautiful and functional mirrors, but which have not been able to resist your last crash or fall (even if it was when stopping)


Whether you are concerned with one of the above cases, or simply if you do not have mirros, we have the solution with these classic rearview mirrors (sold by pair or per unit).

First, the quality of manufacture and finish is exemplary. The (real) chrome or black plastic will also remain in place for many years, and the mirrors are large enough to meet their primary function (see dimensions).


If you are not convinced yet, maybe informing you that this model is approved or certified will eventually make you change your mind.


Finally, concerning mounting, the screw used for the two mirrors is 10mm, as on most motorcycles. The bolt or screw thread is classic (and not inverted), so if you have a motorcycle with reverse or inverted screw for the right mirror, you should plan to buy an additional “classic to inverted thread” adapter for mounting.


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