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Pair of universal handguards, various colours available. Aluminum base with an ultra-hard plastic coating for an optimal shock-resistance. 

Fit on all handlebars with an external diameter of 22 mm or 28 mm and an internal diameter of 14 mm, 18 mm or threaded for M8 screws (8 mm diameter thread)

Sold by PAIR only, hardware included

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49,00 €

Pair of Universal Handguards, Various Colours Available

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Pair of aluminum and hard plastic protections, designed to efficiently cover and protect both clutch and brake sides. Aluminum base with an ultra-rigid hard plastic shell for an optimal shock-resilience both "on the spot" and on the long term. 

How to install :

One side of the handguards mounts directly into the bar end, same as a classic bar-end plug or cap. 3 different adapters are included to fit in any handlebars’ diameter, making these hand guards truly universal :

  • 2 adapters in 14mm and 18mm diameter, ensuring a perfect fit on most handlebars (with 22mm or 28mm external diameter and 14mm or 18mm internal diameter)
  • A M8 screw (8mm diameter screw) for all handlebars with an internal 8mm thread, in the handlebar.

On the opposite side, the hand-guard will easily mount on the handlebars thanks to its adaptable bracket, also included, along with all the necessary hardware kit. This bracket is held to the hand guard by a screw and will easily mount on your handlebar with a clamp system. We also provide both 22mm and 28mm brackets so you can mount this handguard on both handlebar sizes.

In order to confirm the measures and make sure of their good adaptability to your handlebars, please check the enclosed pictures. Last ones notably display these handguards mounted on a 22 mm handlebar (14mm internal diameter).

High quality hand guards, both in manufacture and finish. They are sold by pairs, with all the above-mentioned adapters and hardware elements (as also displayed on pictures)

For some, these handguards will be a security in case of a fall. For some others, the perfect item not to get their hands ripped off again by the mirror of a careless driver... (once is enough !)

It is also a great customization item to give a more "off-road" look to your motorcycle, or simply to change your old hand protectors. Last but not least, these handguards can also do a great job in winter or on windy days by covering and protecting your hands; although our heated handles will obviously be more suited, being designed specifically to keep your hands warm and offering more heat-related performance than these handguards.

Useful, nice looking or preventive? Whatever the reason, these AVDB handguards will be the perfect solution to your needs, and as always available at "bikers' price".

If you also plan on ordering some brake and clutch levers, we recommend you chose the short or flip-up models, as they will be more suitable to these handguards than long levers. 

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