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Flat handlebar in anodised machined aluminum. Universal model.


  • Outer diameter at the handlebar’s end: 22,2 mm
  • Outer diameter in the center of the handlebar: 28,6mm (often indicated as 28 mm)
  • Inside diameter: 14 mm, not threaded
  • Weight : 630 gr


Important: Not suitable for motorcycles having a riser designed to receive a 22mm handlebar.

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44,00 €

28mm Anodised Aluminum Handlebar

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What is a handlebar if not the bridle of your mount? Without it, it is impossible to control the thrilling horses your bike contains, to make them rear up or, on the contrary, to pace them down. But it is also more than just a tool to control and direct your machine, it is also an ornament, an element of personalization that respects the subtleties of your beauty and that highlights it. That's why we have developed a range of flat or nearly straight handlebars, for naked / roadsters, Sport GT, enduro and trails motorcycles in CNC 6061 anodized aluminum. The dimensions of this handlebar allow a grip as natural as comfortable, but also easy to install in place of your current handlebar. Universal model, it will also allow you to install a large majority of handle bar end caps or plugs, thanks to its external diameter of 28,6mm (called 28mm) at the center, and 22,2mm on the rest of the length (and a 14mm, non threaded, internal diameter at the end of the tubes).

In short, this handle-bar is the perfect combination of resistance and style, quality and price since we have managed to develop these models with a very good quality manufacture and finish (made in Taiwan), while offering them at a price defying any competition (and with a 6 months guarantee on anodizing or color treatment, for your comfort). This is why we have integrated our logo on this handlebar, as a guarantee of quality! And if you also want to change your risers to go with your new handlebar, to rejuvenate your cockpit even more, or if you want to raise a your riding position a bit more, we also offer risers and riser extensions!

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