Xenon Lighting Kit TRIUMPH

Xenon Lighting Kit TRIUMPH


12V , 35W xenon lighting kit, specific for many TRIUMPH models. You will find the list of all the compatible motorbike models below.

LED day position light offered with this xenon kit.


IMPORTANT : the pictures on this page are for guidance only. They are not contractual.

GOOD TO KNOW : the number of bulbs you will receive will be indicated in parentheses and will depend on the OPTION you will choose (low beam, high beam or both).

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Motorbikes are of course synonymous with power, motor and sound character... but also lighting. And for those who want to give a boost to their ride, optimize their lighting, or simply replace the original halogen bulbs that give your beauty’s eyes a yellowish shade, almost as if it got malaria... what solution to propose?

Xenon are renowned for their intensity (4 times more powerful than halogen bulbs), the purity of their lighting (whiter than your original lights) and its lifetime up to 10 times longer than conventional bulbs. A solution that allows you to light up your bike more efficiently and for a much longer period of time, altogether and as always at biker prices!


Which quality to choose ?

We decided to offer not one but two alternatives to equip your ride : the STANDARD and PREMIUM xenon kits. Two levels of quality and finish to suit all needs and budgets, offering unparalleled lighting quality, as always at the best price-quality ratio and with the guarantee of perfect adaptability on your machine.  

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose one of these two ranges via the "QUALITY" drop-down menu above, as well as the desired function via the "OPTION" drop-down menu (low beam, high beam or both).


But first of all, let's discover together these two ranges and what they have to offer : 


We are not used to resting on our laurels, and we have decided to continue dazzling you (like our lighting kits) by offering you something different, able to meet the needs of even the most demanding, a 3 in 1 kit.

What does it mean? This xenon kit offers you better lighting quality and performances than your original bulbs or a conventional lighting kit, but it also does much more. It is also and above all a revolution in terms of space saving thanks to the integrated ballast, a more compact and discreet construction that will delight bikers and especially those who lack space on their ride. 

No need to fight with long cables to connect your new bulbs anymore, no more difficulties to store them or to fix the ballast on your motorbike, this bulb offers you all at the same time: a saving of time, energy (both for your battery and for you) and space (both in terms of lighting distance and space-saving on your machine), all this and as always at the best quality-price ratio on the market. Even the less handymen will be delighted by this innovation, which is as complex in design as it is simple to install. In short, a 3 in 1 lighting that offers quality and performance, compactness and discretion, and as always a biker price.

Finally, this kit is under a 1 year guarantee, to insure your comfort and peace of mind.


If you rightly choose the PREMIUM range to equip yourself, here is some information for its installation :  

  • First step to facilitate the installation : our bulbs are equipped with a quarter-turn collar, to be installed as a bulb in your headlight. Then simply connect the xenon bulb itself in the collar you previously installed. Also remember to respect the polarity when plugging the bulb in.
  • On some models, you will need to connect the + and - wires of the xenon bulb respectively to the + and - of your wiring harness. For other models, you will need to retrieve the intermediate connecting piece between the original bulb and the bulb holder (a round plastic part, a kind of reducer) and reuse it to install your xenon. For the other models, the connection will be made the same way as with the OEM bulb, thanks to a simple Plug and Play system. 



  • Lighting color (in Kelvin) : 6000 K (slightly blue white color light)
  • Base cap measures : around 42mm



For our most loyal customers or for those who are used to our website, you probably already know our STANDARD xenon kits, one of the key products in our catalogue for a few years now, and a must-have for those who are used to night rides. This classic kit will provide you with high-performance, more durable and more efficient lighting than the original halogen system. Enough to illuminate your nights without darkening your bank account thanks to a controlled price to ensure your satisfaction and comfort. The kit we propose is only in alternating current (offering a much better quality).

Tip for all those interested in a standard xenon kit: if you have a Naked, if you are on a Café Racer project or if you simply have very little space left at the front, we prefer to inform you : the STANDARD range is probably not the most adapted for you. But fear not ! AVDB has also found a solution to solve this space issue and offers you its PREMIUM range, presented above and available for purchase by simply selecting this version from the drop-down menu above. Quality and discretion in a single product. This Standard kit is guaranteed for 6 months. 


If you choose the  STANDARD range, here are some installation advice :

  • We recommend you fasten the ballast with clamping or hose clips on a stable part of your motorcycle (frame or upper stay fairing bracket for instance), for a clean and easy installation. 
  • Connection are made for 90% between the ballast and the bulb. 
  • It will be necessary to connect the remaining (often flat) terminals to the pin to which your original bulb is connected. This will also allow you to switch from low beam function to full beam, using the relay provided.
  •  The + wire (red with a round terminal) will have to be connected to another + wire of your electrical harness (e.g.: the battery)
  • The ground (black wire with a round terminal) must be connected to another earth (e.g.: frame, via an M6 or M5 fixing screw, or on the battery)



  • Lighting color (in Kelvin) : 6000 K (slightly blue white color light)
  • Slim rapid ballast measures : 83,3mm x 61,2mm
  • Transformer unit measures : 56,6 mm x 31,1mm



We could have finally offered a last range, at an even lower price, but that would have not reflected our principles and philosophy. Selling cheaper at any price is often made at the expense of quality, which would have risked endangering your motorbike (poor lighting quality or even worse, by damaging your connectors). And of course we will never take the risk of damaging your beauty and even less our relationship based on trust, even if it means not being able to satisfy the most money-saving bikers among us...

In short and whatever kit you select, STANDARD or PREMIUM, we guarantee a perfect fit, excellent performance, more powerful lighting and a bike that will shine brightly through the night. Still undecided about which kit to buy? What if we told you that we also offer the same lighting but in LED for your motorcycle? All you have to do is choose the solution that suits you best, AVDB Moto offers you the possibility and freedom to do so.


The lighting revolution is already underway. Will you dare to change and launch yourself into more radiant horizons?



TIGER 1050 SPORT 2016 - 2020



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