37,00 €

Adjustable / Foldable (also called Flip-Up) clutch lever specific to master cylinder Brand ACCOSSATO PR16x18.


If you want a color combination that we don’t suggest, you can specify your choice within the 8 available colors in the comments’ section before you finalize the order.


This lever is sold by unit, so just don’t forget to order the brake lever if you need a pair !

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  • Silver
  • Titanium
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Black + Black Adjusters
  • Black + Red Adjusters
  • Black + Blue Adjusters
  • Black + Gold Adjusters

37,00 €

Adjustable / Foldable Clutch Lever Racing for ACCOSSATO PR16x18

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Machined aluminum levers were known as a high end accessory and meant for some the ultimate distinction of motorcycle accessories. But the unfortunate lever was stopped at the height of its glory, devalued and deposed from its throne because of the many copies that made it lose its credibility.

Today, even more than ever, the (legitimate) competitors for the rank of noble lever are not lacking but, so banalized by these low-end, poorly finished and sometimes even dangerous copies (for you and your motorcycle), they are drowned in the mass.

Bikers, we know that you do not want to deal with charlatans, impostors and usurpers, and we want you to know that it is now possible to rely on a sure value, on the noblest descendants that exist on the levers’ market 

Trust the one model that is undoubtedly the most legitimate of high-end levers, the one that will not fail you or your ride, that does not compromise on quality or adaptability, in few words : AVDB’s lever. Its legendary motto is “levers at biker price”, with quality as a plus.

To meet the needs and requirements of everyone, AVDB’s levers are available in 3 versions: short lever, long lever, or adjustable and foldable lever.


Here, we are talking about the adjustable and foldable one.

If you hesitate between the short or long versions, this model offering both length adjustment and folding functions, in case of fall, is in our opinion the perfect compromise. It will provide you with the handling comfort of a long lever and the nice aesthetics of a short model.

In addition to its adjustable length, this lever is also flip up (foldable upwards). So if you unfortunately fell at a stop or at low speed, you will thank this reclining function because the lever will not break, which will avoid you from being immobilized on the side of the road (unless you are really, really, unlucky that day).

In addition to its undeniable aesthetics compared to the OEM models, our lever is also equipped with a 6 positions dial, allowing you to adjust the distance between the lever and your handlebars’ grip at will, making it suitable for all hands’ sizes.

Also, and since tastes and colors are always a personal matter, we propose a certain liberty of choice for your levers’ colors : indeed over 500 combinations are possible !

And finally, in addition to all these advantages, these levers are an integral part of our AVDB Line, which we invite you to discover more in details through the “Our Ranges” tab.

If you want more information on the colors combination or on the technical part, you will find them all in the “Download” tab.



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