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Long clutch lever specific to many KAWASAKI models with cable clutch system.

Detailed list of compatibilities per model of motorcycle available below.

If you want a colour combination (body and adjusting wheel) that is not proposed in the list below, please specify your choice (within the 8 colours we have) in your order's comment's section.

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  • Silver
  • Titanium
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Black + Black Adjusters
  • Black + Red Adjusters
  • Black + Blue Adjusters
  • Black + Gold Adjusters

27,00 €

Long Clutch Lever for many KAWASAKI - with Cable Clutch system

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CNC Billet aluminum long clutch lever. 

A unique design on the market, offering a better grip compared to the OEM lever (and therefore a better feeling) with an undeniable aesthetic finish, combined together atthe best quality / price ratio.

This lever is made with CNC 6061 machined aluminum to offer a much better strength compared to the OEM lever made with metal alloy.

About color, the lever’s surface is tested before shipment to enable us to get a better control over the anodizing quality, that’s why we offer a 6-months warranty on anodizing.

On the other hand, the lever offers a smoothly adjustable gap (handle-lever) thanks to the 6-positions adjusting dials. Perfect for all hands' sizes!

This long lever, intended for a 4 fingers handling, is ideal for a daily use and long journeys. Indeed its size being close to an OEM lever (enough to handle it with 4 fingers), it will provide you with a natural and comfortable handling, while also giving a much ‘sexier’ look to your motorcycle thanks to its nice design and quality anodizing (8 colors available for the lever and for the 6-positions adjusting dial).

But let’s be honest. The long lever is not the best-looking one in terms of customization and some may be looking for a more aggressive design, or simply more adapted to their riding habits. For those not used to ride using 4 fingers on the lever for example, we advise you choose another type of lever, which could provide you with a better feeling and match your riding habits better. We can provide 2 other kinds of levers : the short model for 2 fingers, or the adjustable / foldable one (adjustable in length and foldable at 90° in case of fall at low speed or when stopping).

To conclude, this long lever is ideal for daily use or long journeys, thanks to its comfortable size and handling !

This lever is sold by unit (1 LEVER), so just don’t forget to order the brake lever if you need a pair!

This clutch lever perfectly fits on the following motorcycle models (under the condition that you didn’t modify the OEM clutch system, of course) :



Z750 / Z 750 / Z-750 2004-2006
Z750S / Z 750S / Z-750S 2005-2008
ZR-7 / ZR7S / ZR-7S / ZR7 / ZR7N 1999-2005
Zephyr 550 / ZR550 1991-1997
Zephyr 750 / ZR750 1991-1993
ER-5 ER5 N ER5N 1998-2005
ER-6 ER6 N 650 2006-2008
ER-6 ER6 N / F 650 2009-2011
ER-6 ER6F / N 650 2012-2016
ZX-6R / ZX6R 1995-1999
ZXR 400 / ZXR400 ALL
ZX9R / ZX-9R Ninja 1998-1999
ZX-6 ZX 600 ZX600 1990-1999
ZZR 600 1991-1993
ZZR 600 1994-2004
GPZ 500S / EX 500R / NINJA 500 1990-2009
KLE 500 1991-1997
Versys 1000 2015-2018
Versys 650 2006-2008
Versys 650 2009-2014
Versys 650 2015-2020
W800 W800S 2010-2017


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