Front and Rear Tyre Warmers Set for 120x165 Wheels


Tire warmers for all the bikes with 17 inches wheels and equipped with a 120 front tyre and 165 for the rear.

Be Careful to choose the correct size for your rear tyre, we also offer 180, 190, and 200 if you need (available in direct link at the bottom of this page).

Sold by pair (Set Front + Rear), as shown in the pictures.

Thanks to the provided switch option, you can choose the temperature of your tyres : 80°C  / 100°C

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The tyres are usually expected to work with a temperature varying between 80 and 100°C. Below or above this temperature range, grip and durability can be significantly reduced.

Perhaps you have already noticed that a cold tyre is dangerous because of a low adherence. Well, it is like riding on an oil puddle. That is why it is very important to gradually raise their temperature. And it is exactly why these tyre heaters are conceived for !

These tyre-warmers are equipped with copper resistors with an optimized positioning, in order to guarantee a regular and uniform heating. Equipped with a switch to choose the heating temperature, it will attend its ideal heating point of 80°C within 20 to 30 minutes and 100°C within 40 to 50 minutes. For your convenience, these wheel warmers also benefit from a visual monitoring system in the form of a red LED, indicating that the blanket is powered and heating, and which turns to green color when the blanket has reached the selected temperature.

An automatic thermostat is also incorporated to prevent the temperature from exceeding the ideal temperature and to avoid damages to the tyres.  

Caution : We do not advise you to heat your tyres while it is raining. Indeed, the rain promotes cooling of your tyres. If you start your ride on the track with too hot tyres, the risk is that, at the end of the first lap, they will have cooled, and you can be sure that it will increase the risk of falling…!

In short, a simple all inclusive solution to cover and heat your tyres by assuring them the best efficiency as possible and a longer lifespan, and also an efficient way to enjoy to the maximum your runs on the track reducing the risk of falling. The tyre-warmers are an excellent investissement for all the racers !

RaceCall, with you from the garage to the track !



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