53mm Rised Offset Clip On Handlebars

139,00 €

Pair of 53 mm clip on handlebars, composed of a pair of rised clamp bracelets (left AND right) and a pair of CNC 6061 anodised aluminum tubes, reclining at 360° around the clamp bracelets.

Measures and examples of motorcycle models on which these clip-on handlebars can be installed available below (not comprehensive).

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53mm Rised Offset Clip On Handlebars

139,00 €

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Because you also are pedestrian at times, you must know this expression « to feel good in its own shoes ». And that is quite a correct one. But rather than feeling good in our shoes, we rather feel great on our ride.

Sometimes you can get lucky and purchase a motorcycle perfectly suited to your tastes and riding style, with the perfect riding position, so much that we may think this 2-wheelers was specially prepared for you ! But it is unfortunately rare. Which is why, after a ride with friends and while discussing about it, we always hear someone complaining about back pain, another one about his or her wrists, or even others who just got on a sportbike and who regret the straight position they had on their good old naked.

You feel your riding position could be improved, but still you like your motorcycle, and despite this demerit you would not want to change it for anything in the world ? (at least until another model makes you change your mind).

Well, we understand you, and thanks to AVDB Moto you will not need another motorbike. In order to improve your riding position, we propose these rised clip on handlebars, adjustable and reclining.

The standard model should satisfy any biker who want to swith to clip ons, but it is not always adapted to some motorcycle models, especially when turning (sometimes with the risk of the handlebars hitting on the tank).

Which is why these clip-ons benefit from an offset on the fastening clamp. One reason being to serve those of you looking for a way to rise their position and improve their comfort, but also for those who want to switch from their flat or straight handlebar to clipons, but for whom the standard model would not fit perfectly.

Not only this rised bracelet is offering benefits, the reclining function will also allow you to select the exact position of your handle bar tube, inch by inch ! This way, even the most demanding track racers, feeling blocked by the manufacturers settings and preparation, with limited or predefined angle, will definitely find this model attractive. Indeed the angle can be set freely on 360° span !

Finally, since solidity is of high importance on handle bars, each tube is strengthen with another tube on the speedometer side, which also has a threaded hole fastening, allowing to adapt a brake fluid reservoir or anything else.

Pictures accturately display the handle-bars as you will receive them.

Measures :

  • Tube length : 280mm
  • Rised Offset size : 22mm between the bracelet and the tube
  • Rised Offset size : 70mm the bracelet and the tube included
  • Size from the center of the clamp to the top of the tube : 45mm
  • 6mm thread in the speedometer side of the clip-on tube
  • Tube's outer diameter : 22mm
  • Tube's inner diameter : 14mm

Before ordering :

You just have to check the mounting possibilities on your motorcycle, because depending on your model, you will need a rised or standard clip on handlebars.

It would be a shame if the tubes of this offset rised model would block against your windscreen when turning, unless you are looking for a more classic, replacement model (in which case our standard clipon handlebars should be the right choice).

List of models on which these half handlebars can fit (incomplete list):

 RSV 1000   1998 - 2008
 RSV 1000R   2001 - 2008
 FUTURA 1000   ALL
 FALCO 1000  ALL

 MONSTER 1100 2008-2014  2008 - 2014
 PANIGALE 1199 2013-2014  2013 -2014
 PANIGALE 899 2013-2015  2013 - 2015
 1198 2009-2011   2009 - 2011
 1098 2007-2009  2007 -2009
 848 2008-2012  2008 - 2012
 999 2003-2006   2003 - 2006
 749 2003-2007  2003 -2007
 998 2002-2004  2002 - 2004
 916 / 916 SPS / 996  ALL
 748 1995-1997  1995 - 1997
 SUPERSPORT SS 750 900 1991-1998  1991 - 1998

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