At AVDB there is no place for monotony, we are constantly thinking, working and innovating to provide you with the best buying experience, the best products and to match your needs and those of your bike more than ever.

We are constantly developing new solutions, innovations and technologies to keep moving forward and evolving in an ever-changing market.

AVDB Innovates for you, for all of you.

Motorcyclists are not all the same, each one has his own style of riding, his own type of motorbike and his own morphology. In this sense, we have worked on tools and products designed to meet the expectations of all motorcyclists and all motorbikes without distinction!

Now, let us tell you about our latest innovations.

A 3D Configurator to endlessly customise your parts.

It's new at AVDB, but it's also a first in the motorbike accessory market! We have decided to go beyond the limits and go even further than what is currently done with one objective in mind: to offer you an unprecedented tool, which we hope will change the way you see motorbike equipment.

We spent time, a lot of time. To tell you the truth, the project took more than two years, the tests numbered in the thousands, and we can't even count the hours of development that went into making it happen.

Nouveau configurateur 3D

With our new 3D configurator, the possibilities are endless. Its unique 3D visualisation system allows you to visualise each element of your accessory. You can configure its colour, size, style or shape according to a multitude of possibilities (really, there is an infinite number, or almost).

This new tool will allow you to make your accessories your own even before you receive them, so you can feel like you're in a shop from your couch!

This configurator will continue to evolve, firstly with the feedback and suggestions that you regularly give us, but also by the progressive addition of new parts to be customised.

Please note: for the moment, only the brake and clutch levers are customisable, but many more parts will be added soon.

3D Configurator Tutorial

NEW : AVDB levers endlessly customisable (or almost) !

They are our second pride (after our configurator), present in our catalogue since 2012, you have validated their design and style many times. This is one of the reasons why they have only undergone slight improvements to become lighter, more attractive and more ergonomic over time.

In 2022, AVDB has not only come up with a revised version of its 'classics', we have started from a blank page on which we have synthesised our many years of presence in the lever market combined with your numerous feedbacks.

With this knowledge and expertise, we have worked with conviction to offer you what we believe you are looking for: the possibility to fully own your levers before they are even mounted on your bike.

Customisable levers ok, but how far?

We wanted to offer you levers that could fit any hand, and that you could fully customise to suit you and your bike's style.

The problem is that there are millions of riders out there and each one of you is different. We had to roll up our sleeves and mobilise a lot of resources to be able to satisfy the majority and maybe even all of you!

So, what do we customise on these levers?

Select your colours

Tastes and colours are not debatable! That's why, for each element of the lever, 8 colours are available, now it's up to you to mix them as you wish.

Nouveau configurateur 3D

Adjust the size

Each lever is configurable in 6 sizes. You can choose between 2 lever main part sizes and 3 lever tip sizes. There is something for everyone!

Nouveau configurateur 3D

Match your style

There is something for everyone, we have come up with 4 styles of adjustment wheels.

Nouveau configurateur 3D

Through our expertise and your feedback, we realised that what you wanted was choice. We have therefore worked in this direction to satisfy all tastes.

For the anecdote: a customisable lever is 98,304 possible combinations. For the pair, that's 9 billion, 663 million, 676 thousand 416 combinations, enough to equip every inhabitant of the earth until around 2080!

Quality above all !

We know that quality is important. It's important for you, for your safety, for your motorbike and for us.

With this in mind, we have designed each lever (and its component parts) in mass-cut aluminium and each lever is assembled piece by piece by one of our experts in our shop in Toulouse.

Our levers are assembled by hand with care and passion in France

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