Front brake disc 292 mm Yamaha MT125 / YZF R125 2014 / 2020


100,00 €

Front solid brake disc, model in 292 mm external diameter, specific and adaptable to many YAMAHA. Classic round shape. List of compatibilities per motorcycle models are available below for further information.



  • External diameter : 292 mm
  • Internal diameter : 165 mm
  • Thickness : 5 mm
  • Mounting holes : 6
  • Mounting holes' diameter : 8,5 mm
  • Distance between opposite mounting holes : 180 mm
  • Offset (between mounting holes and disc's surface) : NONE

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100,00 €

Front brake disc 292 mm Yamaha MT125 / YZF R125 2014 / 2020

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AVDB is proud to present its range of solid, classic round-shape brake discs. This particular model is a rigid or solid disc. Not only will it give a fresh new look to your motorcycle, it will also provide a better braking power and a better grip.

Designed and manufactured with a strong commitment to performance and quality, this braking disc offers a larger friction surface than the origin one and a better steel cooling capacity thanks to its holes, thus guaranteeing higher performances and security even with a sustained use and high steel temperature.

This model is a fix disc, also called a Solid Disc. This means that it is fixed, it is not a floating or semi-floating disc. So it will never wobble over time.

This disc can be mounted in place of the origin one, no modification needed, always at a highly competitive price. 



All our discs are designed for race use : they are not homologated for road use yet. Indeed the process to certify brake discs is long and complicated (furthermore since it needs to be done for each of our references). Although the procedure to obtain these homologations is under process, we cannot guarantee any date or delay for them to be available. Our disc can however be freely used in all the countries not needing any specific road/street homologation !

For those with stricter laws however, this disc unfortunately cannot be used on open-roads. But it can still be used for race or private use and it does not impact its topnotch quality, guaranteed by us and by our thousands of satisfied users all over the world !

After receiving your order, please make sure to control the disc you received. The adaptation to your motorcycle must be smooth and flawless: if you notice any default or difficulty in the mounting process, please contact us ASAP so we can discuss about it and find a solution. Never ride your motorcycle if the brake disc is not perfectly mounted, as the OEM one was. Again, if it is not the case, we’re here to help. Your security is key !

Before taking your motorcycle for a ride with your brand new brake disc :

  • make a first test in a secure place in order to make sure of their good functioning. Of course the brake pads must be changed with your new discs in order to avoid any abnormal wear.
  • please also note that there's a setting period to be respected for the discs to perfectly fit your motorcycle and riding habits. So dear biker friends, even if you’re looking forward to unleash your beast again, control your impatience!

After these few words, which are only preventive measures between bikers, we wish a good ride to you! And obviously, don't forget to brake... Some will say that only those who are afraid will brake, we will answer to those who say that : the tree at the exit of the 180° turn or the 36 T truck not taking care of the sign both don't give a *** whether you are afraid or not... In short, without playing the moral-givers, Prudence on the roads, riding a motorbike is good and nice, as long as you can still do it!




YZF R-125 2014 - 2018
YZF R125 2019 - 2020
MT 125 2016 - 2019
MT-125 2020



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