Pair of Front Turn Signals Lenses SUZUKI


14,00 €

Pair of front flashers covers (right AND left lenses) for many SUZUKI models.


You will find the motorcycles compatibility list below.


These glasses are sold alone. Halogen bulbs are NOT included. 

If you need lighting, we also offer LED bulbs (orange lighting). They are proposed with the direct link at the bottom of the page.

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  • Transparent
  • Dark Smoke

14,00 €

Pair of Front Turn Signals Lenses SUZUKI BANDIT 600 1200 2000 - 2005 / SV650 1000 2003 - 2012 / GSXR 600 750 1000 2000 - 2003

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Ah flush mount indicators... So useful and yet so fragile! A simple fall (even when stopped) can be enough to make them shatter, a wall or a motorist you got a little too close to can also be enough to crack them; and if they are spared from these tragedies, weather and test of time will eventually tarnish them and make them lose all their brilliance.

And that's of course not to mention their original color ... The orange is nice for Halloween, it can be ok on a van, but on your motorbike let’s be honest it denatures it completely and gives it an air of antiquity ... And it may not really be the look you want to give your beauty, to be visible yes but not at the expense of style!

In short, and whatever the situation you are confronted with (blinkers’ lens to be replaced by material or visual necessity), you are now looking for new turn signals’ covers for your fairings. But being a purist, you want to keep the sleek look of your beauty while giving it a cleaner finish, more modern and more aggressive than the original turn signals.

A research that can unfortunately quickly seem like a quest: hours of research (sometimes unsuccessful), the doubt that catches you, and once you finally found the right model for your motorcycle, a price as unexpected as it is considerable and that will end the rest of energy and hope you had left.

Fortunately, AVDB Moto has already walked this path for you and returned with the Grail: THE pair of aftermarket turn signals’ lenses you were looking for, at a design and price you never expected!

These quality covers offer all the features you could expect, and even more: they have exactly the same dimensions and fastenings as the OEM model and will install directly in place of your old ones, without any modification to perform when mounting these new flashers’ lenses.

The glass colors proposed will also allow you to improve the look of your bike or simply replace your faulty turn signals at an excellent value for money, without sacrificing your visibility. Indeed, whether the turn signals’ lens are transparent / clear or tinted / smoke, they are designed to let the light pass just like your original turn signals did.

In short, a pair of aftermarket turn signals, right and left lens, that will install in place of your old ones, without any modification to be made upon installation, allowing you to dress up your beauty in the rules of art, while taking care of your budget !




GSF600 N BANDIT 2000 - 2004
GSF 600 S BANDIT 2000 - 2004
GSF 650 N BANDIT 2005
GSF 650 S BANDIT 2005
GSF1200 N BANDIT 2001 - 2005
GSF 1200 S BANDIT 2001 - 2005
SV650 S SVS 650 2003 - 2013
SV-650 N SVN 650 2003 - 2012
SV1000 S 2003 - 2010
SV-1000 N 2003 - 2007
GSXR 600 2001 - 2003
GSX-R 750 2000 - 2003
GSXR 1000 2001 - 2002
DL650 V-STROM 650 2004 - 2008
DL1000 V STROM 1000 2004 - 2006
DRZ 400 / DR-Z400 E / S / SM 2000 - 2009



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