Pair of Handlebar Caps DESIGN 1 - UNIK by Avdb

Pair of Handlebar Caps DESIGN 1 - UNIK by Avdb


Pair of anodized aluminum bar end plugs UNIK by Avdb. Fits on all handlebars with an internal diameter of 14mm or 18mm (adapters provided). These handlebar caps can also be installed on handlebars with an integrated 6mm threaded spot (6 mm screw provided). 


Sold with the fastening system for an easy installation on HONDA OEM handlebars. Not compatible with OEM KAWASAKI handlebars.


This product remains a UNIVERSAL item : the assembly kit shown in the photos allows assembly on 95% of the motorbikes on the market, and even 100% for the best at DIY.

Colour PART 1
Colour PART 2
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First of all, these are handlebar caps, intended above all to replace your old bar end plugs that got worn out by bitumen, tarnished by the sun or worse, missing, whatever the reason not honoring your motorbike in their current state.

Made entirely of machined and anodized 6061 CNC aluminum, they can be easily mounted directly in place of the old ones without any modification.


But they are probably also much more than this, because...

... Whether you want to give sobriety or extravagance to your motorbike, harmony or discontinuity, warmth or discretion or simply add your own personal touch, with our Unik accessories you can be sure you have the means to do so, whatever you are looking for. 

Gone are the days when you had to choose between three small colors to customize your bike. With Unik, you now have 64 possible combinations per accessory. Now you can let your imagination run wild, end the “déjà-vu”, unleash your limits, or keep it simple if that is what you want. Unik allows you to go to the bottom of your vision of customization, leaving you with a large range of possibilities.

This Unik accessory, like all the others, is divided into two parts. You are free to recompose it according to your desires, in the colours you wish for a style that suits you. 

And just as we took the time to take a picture of this accessory from its 64 possible angles, please take the time to look at the finished products, hundreds of photos are at your disposal to allow you to make the right choice for you.

You feel that even with 64 combinations the choice is still too limited to distinguish yourself from the next ride ? You are right: treat yourself thousands of possible combinations with a 2nd Unik accessory, but also hundreds of thousands of combinations from the 3rd one !


How far will you go? With Unik anything is possible, and it is not just words but a reality: mix colours, combine them, play with asymmetry if you wish! It is up to you to decide, because the only limits are the ones you set for yourself.

For you, AVDB Moto has imagined, thought and designed its Unik products in France. A new concept that is explained in detail in our Range tab. By combining excellent manufacturing quality and offering you its new concept of customization, AVDB is committed to giving you the freedom to make your bike a Unik motorcycle.



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