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Tail fairing, injected ABS quality, specific for the following models :


ZX-10R 2004 - 2005

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  • Black
  • Not-Painted
  • Clear tail-light
  • Smoke tail light
  • No tail-light

139,00 €

Rear fairing KAWASAKI ZX10R 2004 - 2005

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Whether a long time biker or a new (and unlucky) rider, you've probably experienced one of the following problems. They mainly concern faired motorcycles but do not spare roadsters or naked bikes neither. For example :

  • Having a drink with friends and find your motorbike on the ground, probably a sucker who wanted to ride it without knowing the instructions for use…
  • While having a drink with friends, and after one of them recommended you try a more “Moto GP – rubbing elbow” position, getting up from your bike and find it laying on the ground because of a misplaced or forgotten kickstand.
  • Again, while having a drink with friends (hoping it’s not all on the same day), going back to your bike to find it on the ground, without any explanation at first. Until it turns out that it was either parked on a slope or on a dirt road: imbalance and damages guaranteed.


“Having a drink with friends” can obviously be replaced by other situations, such as having a meal, going to a meeting or by any other situation of everyday life. A misfortune can happen quickly, and usually when you less expect it.

The situation may also differ… for example a kiss with a beautiful stranger (in this case a car or the asphalt), more commonly called a fall or a crash.

But at the end of the day, it is all the same: a striped upper fairing, a shredded rear tail fairing or a cracked belly pan... And a dealer or reseller waiting for you with an expensive bill to replace the vile plastic in question.


Do not worry, AVDB is here to offer you a range of quality fairing parts at a highly competitive price, rather than leaving your bike (or your wallet) ruined !

Here we talk about rear fairing, tail fairing, rear cowl plastic or panel..., name it as you want but know that it will be delivered brand new and ready to assemble, as in the photos.

Concerning manufacturing, the plastic used for our fairings is of superior quality: the fastenings and supports are injected during production, and not sticked with glue afterwards, as often on some low-quality fairings. You will therefore have the same fastenings, dimensions and attributes as the original part; in short a quality and construction as close as possible to the original product, except for the price.


For those who have destroyed their rear tail light after a fall (not to say after a wheelie that went wrong), or for those who want to take this opportunity to rejuvenate their motorbike, we propose this rear fairing with its tail-light at a preferential price, if you buy the corresponding pack (available in the drop-down menu above). Simply select the glass color you like for your rear brake light and you will receive it with your tail fairing.

Similarly, and although these products are not available in the above drop-down menu, a preferential price will be automatically offered on the following additional accessories :

  • Seat cowl
  • Passenger or / and driver seat

Pictures are contractual and are therefore perfectly representative of the article you will receive.

This rear fairing is available in unpainted version, a raw version that you will have to repaint on your own, depending on your needs or tastes.

Regarding the painted version, colors of the photos are as close as possible to the actual rendering. Important: in order to avoid any kind of disappointment, we prefer to precise that there may be differences in color compared to the original shade (due to aging, different color-code…).



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