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Kit of standards clip on bracelets + handlebar tubes, designed to be installed on all motorcycles with front forks having a 41mm diameter.


Sold by pair (right AND left).


List of compatibility per motorcycle models (non exhaustive) available at the bottom of the description.

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79,00 €

Pair of Standard AVDB Clip-On Handlebars 41 mm

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Pair of AVDB by Accel Clip On Handlebars.

But first of all… Who is Accel 

Accel Technology Corporation, for its complete name, is a Taiwanese company, specialised both in the manufacture of parts for ATV / Dirt / Enduro via its Accel-Moto-X / ATV branch, as well as parts and accessories for road bikes, Sportbikes / Naked / Sport GT Tourers via Accel Sport / Road.

The advantage of being present and specialized in these two opposite categories allows the teams dedicated to each of these activities to learn and complement each other in the development of their accessories. Taking advantage of innovations and improvements on the off-road market to apply it to road accessories and vice versa is one of their strengths, just as quality and finish are an integral part of the company's specifications for the design of its products.


AVDB by Accel

We have been marketing Accel products since 2014, your feedback has enabled us to ensure the quality of their accessories and our years of collaboration and constant parts ‘ improvement with them have given us the assurance and satisfaction that gave us the desire and confidence to develop this partnership further.

So, when it came to developing clip on handlebars to meet the standards of our AVDB range, intended for both track and road use, what could be better than turning to our loyal partner ACCEL to complete this project.

To be able to meet everyone's needs, we couldn’t design only one single model of clip-on handlebars, as adjustable as it might be, because this product would have been as unaffordable as it would have lacked style. To be able to answer to every biker’s needs, we therefore offer 3 types of clipon handlebars :

  1. The Standard Clip On Handlebars, a classic model, without riser or setting, as simple as it is efficient.
  2. The Reclining Clip On Handlebars, similar to the standard model, but offering a reclining function allowing you to set your handlebars’ tube angle on a 360° span, offering a precise setting for every need. 
  3. The Reclining and Raising Clip On Handlebars, offering on one hand an essential extension for compatibility on some motorcycle models, or simply an additional comfort for others, while also being 360° reclining (allowing a precise set of your handlebars’ tubes angle).

Whatever model you choose, it is without blushing that we can say that the quality, finish and ingenuity of our handlebars will rival with the best on the market, altogether without ever denying the foundations of AVDB, namely to ensure you an accessible product, with a very strong possibility of customization.

Indeed, on these three versions, the bracelet or clamp that attaches to your fork tubes will necessarily be black, however we leave you free choice for the color of the tubes, available in 7 colors : Black, Silver, Titanium, Red, Blue, Orange, Gold.

We introduce here the Standard model

  • Each clip-on handlebar is entirely made of CNC 6061 T6 machined and anodised aluminum, thick enough to be resistant and to never give up during sustained braking, and even to resist small falls, but without neglecting its aesthetic aspect which aims to be sober and effective, contributing to enhance your bike.
  • Clamps’ height : 28mm , the right balance between robustness and finesse, thin enough to fit on motorcycles with original handlebars fixed above the upper tree clamp, contrary to many standards models less well designed and that do not allow it.
  • An 8° tube angle, the right compromise to offer an optimal comfort whether on the tracks or on the road.
  • Handlebars’ tubes also sold separately, in case of a need for replacement or if you ever want to give some new customization to your handlebars. 
  • Tube length : 29cm


IMPORTANT. If we offer three types of clip-on handlebars, it is because our objective is to help you find the ideal riding position, but we must also take into account the design of your motorcycle, which could slow down our ambitions. 

As much as some motorcycles / projects will allow you to mount without distinction the 3 styles of clipon handlebars we offer, some will require you to install a particular model. The causes can be diverse and varied: fairings that will block the installation, handlebars blocking on the tank or the front fairing, screws of the upper tree clamps badly located, etc... 

THE solution to make sure you don't get it wrong is simple and consists of taking the time to check your bike, the available space and the assembly possibilities in your particular case before ordering.




GSF 400 M N P BANDIT 1991 - 1993
GSF BANDIT 600 1996 - 2005
GSF BANDIT ET BANDIT S 650 2006 - 2015
GSXF GSX 600 FJ FK FL FM KATANA 1988 - 2006
GSXF 600 & 650 1998 - 2015
GSXF 750 KATANA 1988 - 2006
GSXR 600 750
GSXR 1100
SV 650 2003 - 2010
SV 650 1999 - 2002
VX 800 1990 - 1993
VZ800 MARAUDER 1997 - 2004
GS1100 1982 - 1984
GV-1200 MADURA 1985 - 1986
GV-1400 1985 - 1989
VS-1400 GLP H J 1987 - 1988
VS1400 GLP L M 1990 - 1991
VS 1400 GLP INTRUDER 1992 - 2004
AN 400 2003 - 2004
HORNET 600 / CB600F 1998 - 2004
CBR500, CB500X 2013 - 2015
CBF 1000 2006 - 2015
VFR 750 1991 - 1997
VFR 800 FI 1998 - 2001
CBR 1000 F 1993 - 1996
CBR 600 F2 1992 - 1994
CBR 600 F3 1995 - 1998
MC21 MC28 NC23 NC29 NC30
ZX6R 1995 - 1997
ZZR600 1993 - 2002
ZX1000 1988 - 1990
ER6 N & F / NINJA650 2006 - 2015
Z750 2004 - 2006
FZR 750 1987 - 1988
YZF 600 THUNDERCAT 1996 - 2003
FAZER600 1998 - 2001
FZER 600 2002 - 2003
VMAX 1200 1988 - 1992
F650ST STRADA 1993 - 2001



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