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Slip On Exhaust / Muffler AVDB to adapt.

  • Baffle / Sound reducer (DB Killer) : Removable
  • Length : 450 mm
  • Weight : 1908 gr (51mm) / 1882 gr (61mm)
  • Inner diameter : 51 mm (external 54 mm) or 61mm (external 64 mm)
  • Position : right
  • Muffler / Silencer casing material : Stainless steel
  • Tip / End Cap Material : Carbon
  • Stainless steel rivets and collar


Homologation: Yes, perfectly homologated to make a nice noise and wake the neighbours up, but not homologated on the road !


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  • Black
  • Silver
  • 51mm
  • 61mm

189,00 €

AVDB Slip On Exhaust to adapt - " El concerto "

Ce produit fait parti de la gamme : En savoir plus

They are "design", they are beautiful, they have the "racing" look we all like. Built from noble materials such as those used in aeronautics, they are also light, well finished and designed to last over time, giving a deep, raspy sound to your bike. Yes indeed, these are the AVDB exhausts.

But then, how come that they are offered to you at such affordable prices, when they have everything to rival with those made by the major brands? Quite simply, and contrary to the majority of our competitors, our exhausts are not displayed on GP motorcycles. Our company has neither the ambition (nor the means) to sponsor great riders, and does not invest huge amounts in advertising or sponsorships. All these actions have a cost that would inevitably and directly be passed on to the sale price of the exhausts, which is not our wish.

Finally, we offer a range of several exhausts, so that whatever its original position on your motorcycle (left, right, both, under the seat, out of the belly pan), we have an exhaust that can adapt to your settings. Just be careful to choose the model that will suit you, but also that will suit your motorcycle according to the assembly you want to do.

Warning: This exhaust is said to be "universal", it is designed to connect to any exhaust output, provided that the diameter of the connecting tube is adapted to the diameter of the muffler connector specified in the description.

If you already have a connection pipe for adaptable exhausts, first measure the diameter of the outlet. If it fits with ours, it's already good news. Then see how this exhaust can be attached to the sleeve: 

  • With 1 spring or more springs? That's perfect, the fixing springs are already included in the kit.
  • With a clamp ? Caution, remember to order the appropriate collar / clamp that you need by clicking HERE

The exhaust system remains an essential element on our machines, and for many, an accessory that needs to be modified in order to fully enjoy the (authentic) sound of one’s 2-wheelers, but also to improve its look and optimize its performances. There are many offers on the market, for all tastes and all budgets. Some people do not hesitate to describe exhausts as vulgar tubes which only purpose is to evacuate gases, so there are very cheap equipments to satisfy them and their vision of what an exhaust is or should be. Others believe that they are goldsmith's pieces, produced with highly complex manufacturing processes and with designs that require both a doctorate in physics and a nuclear power plant for their manufacture. Which is why they swear only by the major brands that give life to this image in their communication.

For our part, let's just say that we position ourselves between these two ideals. The right balance, the good quality / durability / price ratio, this is what AVDB advocates.

For the year 2020, our range, although it will continue to evolve, is already complete since it is composed of several exhausts (slip-on and full exhaust systems), fitting tubes, Y, down-pipes, and cat-eliminators.

For the most demanding, or for those who only have trust in experience, reputation and brand, AVDB Moto does not forget about you and the HP Corse, Yoshimura USA and Two Brothers brands will always be distributed by us for a panel of motorcycle models as wide as can be done.


AVDB Blog gives the reason why you could choose to change your exhaust


EMBELLISHMENT: Since the beginning of the 2000s and the implementation of increasingly strict standards, original exhausts have become more and more complex : they must integrate exhaust valves, a catalyst or catalytic converter, a lambda probe or oxygen sensor (...) to meet these standards. The result is, very often, a rather ugly exhaust line, which breaks and weighs down the lines of your motorcycle.

This is one of the reasons why the terms pipes, tubes, cans, gas extractor, rice burner, fart cannon etc... are sometimes used to refer to the original exhausts. Racy, aggressive, harmonious, inspired by Moto GP motorcycles, are, for their part, terms reserved to describe the most accomplished exhausts and adaptable lines.

Even only to benefit from a compact and elegant exhaust system, changing the original exhaust is often "a" must, but the benefits are still numerous.

IMPROVING SOUND (and safety):  Listening to a Mozart symphony from an old radio will not have the same cachet and flavour as listening to the same concerto from a high-end hi-fi system. Hearing your engine humming from an original muffler, which must first of all comply with pollution and noise standards and regulations, is therefore not comparable to an engine that purrs through a nice adaptable exhaust system. The sound will be more bewitching, but also more important.

Whether you use your motorcycle on open roads or on tracks, an exhaust that sings will be more melodious for your pleasure, but also better heard by other road users, and this is a significant plus for your daily life and your safety.  

WEIGHT SAVINGS: Original exhaust systems are gas plants, literally and figuratively speaking. All the anti-pollution systems they host have a weight, and make the exhaust line much heavier. Whereas replacing some (or all) of them will obviously make your bike lighter, from a few hundred grams to more than a dozen kilos. It is the cheapest element to replace on a motorcycle to gain in weight/power ratio.

GAIN IN POWER: Performance for a manufacturer today means first of all respecting pollution standards, while at the same time striving to ensure that this has the least possible impact on the performance of its engine. That's why it's said that the original line is castrating. In the vast majority of cases, by replacing your exhaust system with an adaptable component with different requirement specifications, you will gain in power.


  • Changing the exhaust system also means that the motorcycle will get less heat, since, unlike a catalysed line that retains exhaust gases to make them less polluting, the adaptable exhaust system brings these gases out directly, and more quickly. The result is an overall drop in the temperature of the motorcycle and a significant drop in the exhaust line itself.
  • Agility gain: Let's just take the example of a motorcycle with side exhaust that weighs close to 10 kg, and replace it with a 2 kg element, more compact and lighter. You'll have a more balanced motorcycle, and therefore more agility. QED



For injection motorcycles, in order to benefit from optimal performance when changing the exhaust line or when removing the catalytic converter, we strongly recommend reprogramming the CDI box. 

The adaptation of an exhaust system on a motorcycle with "carb" (carburetor) may require, in rare cases, an adjustment of the carburetors.



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