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LED Lighting Kit specific for many KTM. Compatibility list per motorcycle models available below.

LED day position light offered with this xenon kit.


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  • LOW + HIGH BEAMS (1 bulb)
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44,00 €

LED Lighting Kit KTM

The biggest challenge for the modern biker : it is to get noticed (without turning into a Christmas tree) and to go against the established frames and boundaries to turn his or her motorbike into a unique machine, in his or her image. A new concept, a new way of thinking customization that comes to life (among other things) thanks to technological innovations that open up new horizons and make it possible to combine the useful with the aesthetic. This new relationship with the accessories that dress up your ride gives a new life, a new identity to your machine, and deepens the passion that binds you, that resembles you.

But today we are addressing the motorcyclists of the future, those who want to break free of limits while remaining safe and in compliance with regulations (sometimes too strict to allow you all the changes you would like to do). We have waited for the different evolutions of these latest generation bulbs in order to be able to offer you the best quality lighting, with the longest possible lifespan, altogether at an AVDB price. 


Remember this LED acronym, it's nothing less than a Lighting Excellence Device. LED technology is now well known in the market, and their exceptional lifetime is well proven. A lighting up to 4 times more powerful than your halogen bulbs, and lasting up to 10 times longer, altogether for lower energy consumption than your original lighting !

Since needs are as numerous as there are bikers and motorbikes, we have decided to offer you not one but 3 alternatives to equip your bike: the PREMIUMSTANDARD and FIRST PRICE lighting kits. Three levels of quality and finish to suit all needs and budgets, offering unparalleled lighting quality, as always at the best price-quality ratio, and with the guarantee of perfect compatibility on your machine. 


Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose one of these two ranges via the "QUALITY" drop-down menu above, as well as the desired function via the "OPTION" drop-down menu (low beam, high beam or both).  

Which quality to choose ?

We now briefly present the ranges of our catalogue, it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best... As a reminder, and whatever LED kit you choose, you will receive LED position daylights as a gift.



Not available for the moment.



For our most loyal customers or for those who are used to our website, you probably already know our STANDARD LED kit, one of the main products in our catalogue for a few years now and a must-have for those who are used to night-time rides. The STANDARD range is an excellent compromise for those who are looking for both a good level of quality and an affordable price. A kit that will offer you unequalled power and lighting purity, while offering you ease of installation thanks to the flexibility of its heat dissipator system (to be opened "in petals", as shown in the photos, to ensure good heat circulation in order to cool the bulb in the best possible way). Bikers who lack space will undoubtedly appreciate it! And to ensure your peace of mind and satisfaction, this kit is guaranteed for 6 months.



  • Brightness (in Lumen) : 4000 Lm 
  • Voltage : 12V to 24V
  • Light Temperature (in Kelvin) : 6500K (white light with blue highlights)
  • Power : 22W 
  • LED Diode : LUXEON ZES X 12
  • Waterproof Certification : IP68 ROHS CE FCC  



  • First step to facilitate the installation : our bulbs are equipped with a quarter-turn collar, to be installed as a bulb in your headlight. Then simply connect the LED bulb itself in the collar you previously installed. Also remember to respect the polarity when plugging the bulb in.
  • Plug your new bulb into the socket that was connected to the original one (electrical harness side)
  • For some bulb models, you will need to retrieve the intermediate connecting piece between the original bulb and the bulb holder (a round plastic part, a kind of reducer) and reuse it to install your LED.
  • We recommend you fasten the ballast with clamping or hose clips on a stable part of your motorcycle (frame or upper stay fairing bracket for instance), for a clean and easy installation. 
  • Allow a 40 mm space to install this bulb.



As you understood by its name, its quality is Null. We have decided to offer you a third level of quality, much more affordable, to satisfy even the most economical of you. But we would like to point out that we are not proud of this range, because it does not represent us. As our loyal customers know, we are always committed to offering you the best value for money for our entire catalogue, one never being at the expense of the other. But in this case, we only commit to offer you a product at the best price, a JUST FOR STYLE lighting kit, nothing more... We therefore do not guarantee you excellent performance or a long lifespan, simply a nicer look for the front of your bike thanks to a purer lighting than your halogen bulbs (if that is enough for you).  On the other hand, and even if this product is not in conformity with what we are used to offer you, we have decided to still offer a 1 month guarantee ( time for you to realize that it would have been better to choose one of the 2 upper ranges).



  • Brightness (in Lumen) : / No data available /
  • Voltage : 9V to 38V
  • Light Temperature (in Kelvin) : 6000K (white light with blue highlights)
  • Power : 18W 
  • LED Diode : COB
  • Waterproof Certification : P68


In short, whatever kit you select, STANDARD or PREMIUM or... and that's actually it ; we guarantee you a perfect fit, excellent performance, more powerful lighting and a bike that will shine like a thousand lights. Still undecided about which kit to buy ? 


Let yourself be carried away by the technology of the future and no longer stay on the dark side of the road, thanks to the power of our high quality and latest generation LED lighting. And you : will you join the revolution ?




SUPER DUKE GT 1290 2016 - 2018



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