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Rear sprocket OGNIBENE KTM Duke / SMC 690 / Duke 2 640 / EXC / SX / 125 / 250 / 300 / 450 / HUSQVARNA FE / FC 550 1999 - 2011

Rear sprocket OGNIBENE KTM Duke / SMC 690 / Duke 2 640 / EXC / SX / 125 / 250 / 300 / 450 / HUSQVARNA FE / FC 550 1999 - 2011

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Made In Italy.

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This rear sprocket has a width of 520.

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Today we are going to talk about several brands of chain and transmission kits. Why? All these brands are related! The Izumi brand makes transmission chains for the Sun Star brand, Sun Star completes the D.I.D. range and D.I.D. has chosen to collaborate with Ognibene in Europe both in terms of expertise and distribution. The end of the chain? AVDB Moto! We offer you a wide range of transmission elements. Sprockets, chains or complete kits? We should have what you need. Let's go, we will tell you more.

A little bit of history

OGNIBENE : Made In Italy

The Italian brand Ognibene is a big name in the motorbike transmission sector worldwide. Founded in 1948, Ognibene became the exclusive distributor of D.I.D in Italy in the 1970s. Inspired by this Japanese technology, the brand has since developed a wide range of chains, front and rear sprockets to allow you to replace your worn transmission components with quality components at affordable prices.
Even today, Ognibene works in cooperation with the D.I.D. brand for the testing and development of chains, front and rear sprockets in order to pass on D.I.D.'s expertise to European manufacturers such as Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, KTM and many others.
Ognibene is also developing technologies such as SILENT SPROCKETS, an addition of rubber applied to both sides of the sprocket that reduces noise and extends the life of the transmission.
To guarantee quality over time, Ognibene front and rear sprockets are made of C45 steel.

D.I.D. : Made In Japan

The Japanese brand is a worldwide reference in terms of chain kits. D.I.D. equipment guarantees excellent power transmission between the engine and the rear wheel, limiting friction. Over the years, D.I.D. has focused its research and development process on the performance and high-end finish of its products. The D.I.D. brand is omnipresent in the majority of motor sports and is visible in most motorbike championships around the world.
This showcase gives the brand a legitimate reputation in terms of transmission equipment. Looking for a heavy-duty, high-performance chain? AVDB has the part you need.

SUN STAR : Made In Japan

Since 1946, Sun Star has been the largest supplier of motorbike sprockets in the world. Established in Japan, the brand equips Japanese manufacturers such as Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki or Kawasaki as original equipment.
The Japanese brand does not do things by halves. It produces transmission components in robust steel or light and efficient aluminium alloys.
Are you looking for an OEM-style front or rear sprocket, similar to the original equipment on your motorbike? Choose Sun Star's steel range. The steel used will allow you to go on for miles without thinking about the wear of your transmission.
Are you involved in a hard enduro stage? Choose the performance of ERGAL elements for their quality of finish, their lightness and the performance they provide.

The transmission is an essential part of your motorbike. It allows you to transfer the power from your engine to your rear wheel.
A well-maintained transmission guarantees efficient power transfer and safety for the rider.
AVDB Moto offers you top of the range transmission components so that you can ride with peace of mind. A rear sprocket, a chain, a front sprocket, or a complete chain kit, we have what you need!

Present on the market for several decades, the brands we offer are real references on the market. They equip a large number of original manufacturers with their steel accessories and a large number of motorbikes with steel or aluminium replacement parts. Thanks to their years of expertise, DID, Ognibene Trofeo, Izumi and SunStar have been able to develop components in the materials best suited to your needs. These major players in motorbike transmission have also thought about the key element of this mechanism: the chain.
Exposed to the elements, rain, road dirt, the chain of your motorbike is the part that is the most solicited. Accelerations, wheel locks, and put in tension the chain can be violent and repeated. This is why a robust and well-lubricated chain is essential for the longevity of your transmission. Manufacturers have therefore selected suitable materials and technologies to absorb shocks and keep the chain lubricated over time.

As always, AVDB Moto offers a wide range of quality products for a wide range of motorbikes. So, how about it? How about a low cost transmission change?

Non-exhaustive list of compatible models :

Duke 690 LC4 2007-2008
SMC 690 Supermoto 2007-2011
Duke 2 640 2004-2006
640 Enduro LC4 2005-2006
640 Supermoto LC4 1999-2006
EXC 690 Enduro / R4T 2009-2011
EXC 125 1995-2011
EXC 200 1998-2011
EXC 250 1996-2010
EXC 250F 2008-2010
EXC 300 1993-2011
EXC 360 1995-2004
EXC 400 1995-2011
EXC 450 2007-2011
EXC 450R 2005-2006
SX 150 2007-2011
SX 250 1993-2011
SX 360 2T 1997-2005
SXF 450 4T 2005-2006
SX 500 2T 1993-1995
SXF 505 4T 2008-2009
SMR 450 4T Supermoto 2008-2009
Duke 400 1994-1998
EGS 400 4T LC4 1996-1998
LSE 400 4T LC4 1997-1998
EXC 525 4T 2005-2006
SMR 525 4T 2005-2006
SX 525 4T 2005-2006
EXC 530R 4T 2008-2011
EXC 600 4T LC4 1993
Duke 620 1994-2000
EGS 620 4T LC4 Enduro 1996-1998
EXC 620 4T LC4 1994
LSE 620 4T 1997-1998
SC 620 4T Supercompetition LC4 1995-1998
SX 620 4T LC4 1995-1998
SMC 625 Supermoto 4T 2005-2006
SXC 625 LC4 2005-2006
Adventure 640 LC4 2000
SMC 660 Supermoto LC4 2004-2006

FC 450 2004-2008
FE 450 E 2004-2008
FS 450 C 2004-2008
FC 550 2004-2008
FE 550 E 2004-2008
FE 650 E 2004-2008
FS 650 C 2004-2008



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