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Relax cruise control throttle grip for right side handlebar grip. Made in plastic, it will easily install directly on your throttle grip and will allow you to relax your wrist during long journeys.

Universal model, will fit on nearly all accelerator grips.

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1,00 €

Relax Cruise Control Throttle Grip

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You have wrist problems, or pain when you travel long distances on your motorcycle, but you do not want to stop practicing your passion and stop riding your motorbike and swith it with your car ? You are so right...

You maybe also thought of building a homemade speed regulator, but the dangerosity of this project made you stop before it was too late. Indeed there are enough risks when riding your motorcycle without adding some more. You were right to give up on this project.

To release stress from your wrist when riding, we propose this relax throttle accessory. Some will also call it speed regulator grip, "that stuff" or "that thing to keep riding at the same speed" etc...

Whatever the way you call it, this throttle grip will not block your accelerator. You will continue managing how much power you want to give to your motorbike, but with your hand's palm, which will allow you to keep a cruising speed while avoiding cramps and relaxing your wrist, altogether without putting your security at risk by blocking the throttle !

The installation is easily made, and it is done in no time ! No tool needed : you simply need to stretch the throttle grip's ring and slip in on the handlebar grip on the accel side. Then simply set it as you like : position on the grip, angle... You choose !

Available in different colors for maximum choice.

A small accessory that will fit on nearly all the handlebar accelerator grips on the market, except some very large diameters that can sometimes be found on some custom bikes.

For some nothing more than a gadget, for other a useful and relaxing accessory that will allow them to keep riding on their motorcycle even for long journeys. In any case, a good quality accessory as usual at biker price !

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