Pair of Aluminum Rearview Mirrors with Integrated Turn Signals


69,00 €

Pair of rearview mirrors (left AND right mirrors) in machined and anodised aluminumwith integrated LED turn indicators.

Hardware kit provided.

Will fit on naked and faired motorcycles. Caution : if the installation is done on the front fairing, you will need adapters to mount these mirrors (adapters proposed for sale on our store).

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69,00 €

Pair of Aluminum Rearview Mirrors with Integrated Turn Signals

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If manufacturers do a great work to give aggressivity to their monsters, whether at engine or design levels, accessories have unfortunately not been their priority. This is typically the case for OEM rear-view mirrors, which sometimes tend to look like antennas and give a grasshopper-look to our motorcycles ...

Some bikers are ok with it, but some others prefer to cut short and to participate to the aerodynamics of their motorcycle by giving it a more racing look, with more compact and more modern mirrors. Others, also, will find the opportunity to do so after a bad fall, an unlucky ride between cars, after getting too close to a wall (in a garage for example) or generally-speaking after any other kind of accident that could cost you one of your rear view mirrors (or both).

Anyway, here you are looking for new mirrors. And as long as you are doing so, it’s a great opportunity to bring a touch of look and extra color to your motorbike! We understand this and that is why we have selected for you quality models, offering design, personalization and visibility.

Sold by pair (left AND right mirrors), with their complete hardware kit, these machined and anodised aluminum rearview mirrors are made with good quality manufacture and finish. Their mirrors are also blueish to attenuate the glare and light’s reflection, whithout making these mirrors inefficient at night, and they also have LED integrated turn blinkers for increased visibility and functionality.

The integrated flashers will connect directly to your wire harness simply by connecting their + and - wires directly to your electrical harness (the same way your front turn signals are connected). LED will allow a stronger lighting and a longer lifetime than a regular halogen lighting. If you notice a blinking going too fast, sometimes so fast it may seem to be fix, you will simply need to add resistors to calibrate the flashing speed (one resistor between the turn signal's wires and you electrical harness).

For naked motorbikes, they will adapt directly on the OEM fastening spot on your handlebars. Concerning hardware, and in order to install these mirrors on nearly all roadster models on the market, we provide :

-       M8 : 2 classic thread screws, 1 reversed thread screw

-       M10 2 classic thread screws, 1 reversed thread screw

Depending on motorcycle models, it is possible that the provided hardware may sometimes be a bit longer than necessary. If so, you can compensate this length difference simply by adding some washers (not provided) or by re-cutting or changing said screws.

For faired models, you will absolutely (yet simply) need to take some suitable adapters for your motorcycle in order to adapt these rear view mirrors on your OEM fastening spots on your front fairing. These adapters are also available in our catalogue.


  • Arm length : 12cm (4,72")
  • Mirror size : 13cm x 8,5cm (5,11" x 3,34")

Simply said, a customization, visibility and security solution, all-in-one, and as usual at biker’s price ! Quality is at the core and anodizing comes with a 6 months guarantee for your comfort and your peace of mind.

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